Verify your domain name and Email

Verify your domain name and Email

Why Do I Have to Verify My New Order?

Here at WashaHost, we take our customers’ website security very seriously. We carefully evaluate new accounts and strive to ensure accounts are created by valued customers. Please do not take it personally if you are asked to verify a new account, as you may be selected randomly. The ultimate purpose is to protect your confidential information and prevent unauthorized charges.

How To Verify a New Account

To maintain access to your account features, please verify by following these steps.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Check Header Notification (the “user” icon in the top right of your screen).
  3. Click Resend Verification Email
  4. Check your Email Inbox / Spam folder
  5. Follow the prompts to complete your verification
  6. Your email address has been verified


Why verification is needed?

We don’t want someone else to use your domain to send emails on your behalf. You can help us keep your domain safe by showing us that you are the owner.


  • If you purchased your domain with WashaHost, and it is in the same account as your hosting account, you also need to verify it.
  • If your ownership verification status shows “Verified” in project settings, but shows “Not Verified” for your current Dashboard or audit, this indicates that ownership got verified after the crawl started. On the next crawl, we should detect your verification.


Some signups may be subject to additional verification to ensure the credit card holder or PayPal account owner has authorized the purchase. This additional verification is done for your protection and security of your account. If additional verification is necessary, we will contact you via email with further instructions.

Unverified Accounts

If you are contacted to verify your order, and we do not hear from you within 30 days, we will automatically suspend your accounts. We do not want to accidentally keep your account in case you decide not to verify your account. Since we automatically suspend your account, you will need to verify to activate your account.

You can choose to NOT activate, and we will not activate your account. If your first payment is already paid and you want to activate later, we will be glad to activate your account and start your billing cycle on the day you pay.

How we use your information

Rest assured, we value your privacy and safety. When we ask for personal information, we take proper measures to protect it. We only verify the information you provide to help keep your account secure and to help prevent financial crimes. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

What’s required

The exact information we request may vary by regional regulations. Typically, it includes:

  • Your legal name: This is what appears on a government ID or official document. It may differ from your profile name. What you enter as your legal name won’t change your profile name.
  • Your home address: This is the physical address where you live, which may differ from your washahost listing address(es). It’s used to confirm your identity and won’t be shown on your listing or shared with.
  • Your date of birth: You may have entered this elsewhere, but we still need to confirm it.
  • Your place of business, citizenship, and/or nationality: This is only used to confirm your identity.

You may also be asked to provide a government ID.

When business information is required

If you have a registered business, partnership, or a private or public company, and if your Host account is in any way connected to one or more businesses, the washaHost process may require us to also verify your business info.

We may also be required to confirm information like your Tax ID as well as government IDs for people associated with your Host account, such as those who manage affiliate account payments using your Host account and the owners, managers, or directors of any businesses related to it.


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