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A Closer Look At The WashaHost Technology & Network

We put a lot of time, effort, and sheer expertise into establishing the server network our customers, from corporations to SMEs, count on every single day. Wherever you are in the world, our cloud server systems are here to help your enterprise grow.


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We are here for the long-term, fostering customer relationships that last for a lifetime.

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

WashaHost is a managed hosting company. The reason you should choose WashaHost for your business is the fact that we provide a totally managed hosting environment that is optimized for running your websites.

Our core USP is. The software stack and management which we deploy to various global cloud providers. Our software stack creates a really stable super-fast hosting environment, using a mixture of third party tools and in-house technology. For instance, we use the cPanel control panel. JetBackup backups, CloudLinux, Imunify360 and more. We run all of these systems centrally, with a team of devops engineers monitoring everything constantly. We have spent years optimizing and tweaking the configuration so that it now runs over thousands websites over in Easter Africa.

We made an active decision when we started WashaHost that we did not want to run our own data centres. We have done it before and instead wanted to focus on creating the best managed hosting environment, in as many locations as possible. For that reason we engineered a deployment technology that uses Ansible and Terraform that allows us to run servers on top of global cloud providers.

The cloud providers essentially just provide us hardware and network. We run servers on top of Linode, DigitalOcean, LeaseWeb, Vultr, and OVH. We also run dedicated servers on top of hyperscalers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Alibaba, though bandwidth costs are usually too expensive for them to be a viable shared or reseller hosting option. We are always looking for new network providers who might improve service for our customers or open new locations


Serious Investment in Infrastructure

Your site has the backing of both big tech and WashaHost combined. Web powerhouses like Google and Amazon are always enhancing their systems and expanding to new locations; when these developments happen, we’re ready to have you taking full advantage.

Reliable Recoveries

With the cloud providers that we use, we can guarantee that you’ll never experience any of the disruptions you can expect when using the average web server. Your sites automatically move to new systems in the event of any issues - you won’t even notice the difference.


Fully managed

Enjoy everything the public cloud has to offer for your hosting needs without any of the issues you might experience with other providers. Our server management covers every aspect - you won’t need to create your own cloud accounts when you choose us.



From resizing to recovering, all migrations are done without a second of downtime; that’s a promise we can keep. Even upgrades take place without any effect on your operations, though this might depend on your previous provider.


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Our Skills & Expertise

Our Website Backup automatically backs up your data – every day. You can restore your data with a single click.
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