What is Domain Vault and why do I need it

Domain Vault WashaHost’s premium domain protection is designed to ensure your most valuable domains benefit from the highest levels of protection.

What are the features of Domain Vault?

We put security at the forefront of everything we do, so as standard, our domains already come with essential security features (like Domain Privacy, Registrar Lock, and Auto-Renewal). These free features are also complemented by other default account protection features, like two-factor authentication and security alerts.

Domain Vault takes things to the next level, for customers who want maximum protection for their most valuable domains. It’s a safe deposit box of protection for one of your most valuable company assets.

Domain Vault’s additional layers of protection are built around the powerful Registry Lock feature at its core. By combining both human and machine security, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to pose as you to change your domain nameserver settings, or transfer it out of WashaHost against your wishes.

On top of that, we’re throwing in some extra identity checks to verify any business-critical domain change requests. To make our product even better and even more secure for you, we’ve selected a dedicated team of specialists, experts, to make sure any and all requests from you are processed in a speedy and secure manner.

You can also find additional information about Domain Vault in our Blog – How to keep your domain name secure.

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